How do college coaches see my CaptainU emails?

Using CaptainU's Mail tab allows you to reach out to coaches with ease as well as understand when that message is opened!  While we have over 100,000 coaches using CaptainU College, we also allow you to connect with coaches who may be using other services or ways to keep track of recruiting.

When connecting to any coach through CaptainU, you are emailing from your personal CaptainU email address!  It looks like this depending on your name:

When a coach receives your message, it will appear as a normal email message in their inbox, but include a link back to your CaptainU profile!

By having your personal CaptainU email, all the messages and correspondences are associated with the correct school so you can look back at your emails!

Unfortunately like many email service provider, we cannot retrieve a message sent.  The best thing to do if a wrong message was sent would be to follow up and apologize for the mis-type!

Need help composing those messages, check out our Athlete Mission article on how to compose a message!

Need some more help? Please reach out to us at

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