Refund Policy

You are responsible for all charges that have already been incurred on your credit card, for current and previous months. To make sure everyone is treated equally, no exceptions will be made and no refunds for previous charges are available.


Your billing cycle begins the day you sign up for one of our premium plans, and cancellation of that subscription before next date of renewal will ensure you won't be charged further. Cancellation after incurring a charge will stop your future billing, but no refunds will be issued.

For instructions on cancelling a current subscription, check out this article.

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    How do I notify you to cancel??!,,

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    @arniewhite You can email, or downgrade here:!

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    I cancelled my premier plan, however, I still had almost a month left on the month i paid for. Why can i not access during this time?

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    Hailey Mastin
    @golf34224 When changing plans, the new plan takes affect immediately. I'll reach out directly to get everything sorted out, so please keep an eye out for an email from
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