What is an "Endorsement"? How do I request an "Endorsement"?

An "Endorsement" is essentially a litter of recommendation from a coach or peer athlete. "Coach Endorsements" can come from any coach- past or present, and an athlete endorsement should come from a peer on your team. When you request an endorsement, we'll send the coach or athlete a short survey about you they can fill out. Once completed, it will show on your profile for colleges to see. You can request more than one endorsement, so send one to any coach or peer you think would be happy to leave some nice notes about you on your profile!

To request one, simply log into your account and head over to your Profile tab.  Scroll to the endorsement sections and click "Request Endorsement."  From there, just enter who you would like to receive an endorsement from and bam!  They will get an email explaining you are using CaptainU for your college search and can fill out a few questions we have pre-selected!

Once those questions are filled out by the recipient, your endorsement will appear directly on your profile!

Not sure if you want to keep an "Endorsement"?  No worries- you can remove it, you can by scrolling down and selecting "Remove this endorsement." Just as a heads up, once an "Endorsement" has been removed, it will be gone!

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    Julia I

    I have done exactly as instructed but none of my coaches have received an email. How do I even see who I have made a request to?

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