What is Advising and how do I do it?


Advising is one of the most powerful tools we offer and will help your athletes get the most out of the CaptainU product.  You can request Advising access from any of the athletes on your team.  Once the grant you access, an Advise button will appear to the right of their spot on your roster.

Clicking on the Advise button will open a chat window below the athlete's name which will allow you to send them a message in real time.  Any past messages will appear here as well so you can keep track of the athlete's progress working through your advice.  

Part of Advising access is also being able to see the athlete's Activity.  Clicking on the Activity dropdown will give you a list of all of the athlete's recent actions including profile edits, progress on college check lists, and correspondences with colleges.  

In addition to the Activity, you can also see which colleges your athletes have added to their college list.  By clicking the College button, you will get a drop down with all of the colleges your athletes has added to their list, as well as a progress bar for each with a "Next Step".  You can use these progress bars and Next Steps to help you in advising your athletes.  Reminders from their coach will prompt athletes to complete their college check list and gain more exposure through CaptainU.

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