What if I have multiple teams? Can I have multiple accounts?

The great news is you only need one log in to manage multiple teams on CaptainU!

To add another team,

  • Click on the "You" tab on the toolbar at the top of your screen.  
  • Click the "Add a new team" button in the drop down
  • You will see a landing page similar to the one you saw when you set up your first team.  
  • After providing the basic info such as gender, age group and sport, you will be taken to a page with the same spreadsheet used to add players to your roster.  
  • Click the red "Save team members" once you have all of your players entered

To access your second team account, click the "You" tab again on the tool bar.  You should now see both of your team names in the dropdown, in addition to any athlete accounts you have attached to your log in.  



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