What do these notifications mean?

When using CaptainU, you may receive various emails and notifications concerning coaches interacting with your profile. This means that you are getting some exposure, which is FANTASTIC!  Here is a simple breakdown to understand what those notifications may mean:

You matched a search! or A College Coach found you

Awesome- based on the information within your profile matching a coach's athlete search, you've been found!  Coach searches can be very broad or specific, but always good to know who is looking for an athlete like yourself! Note: The more CaptainU Points you have, the higher you will show in search results, so be sure to add as much info (including photos and video if you have it) to your profile as possible to give coaches a great snapshot of who you are.

example: Grad year: 2019, GPA: 3.0 or above, Region: West Coast, Height: 5 foot 10 inches or higher

A coach viewed your profile

Kudos! A coach wanted to learn more about you and has viewed your profile!

A coach opened your message

Great job at being proactive and connecting with coaches! Looks like one of the coaches you've connected with opened up your message!  As a heads up, this does not mean the coach has responded yet, but we always want to be transparent in where those messages end up!

A coach just added you

Woo! A coach found your profile and wants to keep an eye on you by adding you to their recruiting roster!

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